The 7 biggest remote work challenges

If you work remotely, you probably know that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, there are some real challenges that come along with trying to be productive outside of a traditional office setting. Today we’re sharing the seven biggest challenges of working remotely – hopefully knowing you’re not alone will make them a little more manageable! Whether you’re a freelancer or an employer, we hope you find this post helpful!

remote working

Working remotely can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it also comes with challenges. One of those challenges is the feeling of isolation and loneliness; you no longer have colleagues around to bounce ideas off or get inspired. Of course, remote work does have its advantages, like flexible hours and not having to commute, but for some people, the alone time that remote work brings could be overwhelming.

Working from home has been a tedious, lonely journey. Although the home office setup seems great at first, the lack of human interaction and quality conversations with colleagues is taking its toll on many of us. Don’t get me wrong, video calls are a great way to keep in touch but that doesn’t exactly provide the same feeling as being close to your work bestie during lunch break or attending an inspiring brainstorming session.

To combat this, remote workers need to put effort into cultivating relationships so they don’t feel too isolated. Whether you schedule occasional lunches or join a remote team club that gets together regularly for drinks or dinner, investing time in these activities will make the remote working experience more enjoyable and less lonely.

A Set Work Schedule Can Help You Stay Motivated

Staying motivated can feel like climbing a mountain – the higher and steeper it gets, the harder it is to keep pushing forward. It’s easy for enthusiasm and focus to wane as you face obstacles or simply become exhausted from overwork or stress. Fortunately, there are little steps that you can take to stay motivated, such as setting achievable goals, reframing negative thoughts into positive ones, and taking regular breaks throughout the day to reset your system. Sure, it’s not always easy, but a shift in mindset and energy can go a long way in helping you find your flow and pushing through the struggle of staying motivated.


Staying motivated when you don’t have a set work schedule can be challenging, but time management is key to having a productive day. Setting time aside each day specifically for work and sticking to it can help you stay on task and accomplish goals. Establishing time boundaries and establishing a consistent routine can help create structure into your day, allowing you to find motivation even with an unsteady workflow. Additionally, recognizing and rewarding yourself for your progress or accomplishments can also provide a sense of encouragement and satisfaction that aids in staying focused while managing your time efficiently.


How to Make Working from Home Work for You?

Working remotely can definitely come with its fair share of problems, especially when it comes to managing your time and priorities. It’s not uncommon to find yourself working more hours than you would in a typical office setting as the lines between work and home are blurred. To manage this, it’s important to prioritize tasks and create structure with an achievable and realistic schedule or list of goals. It may also be beneficial to create pre-defined breaks, dedicate certain windows of time for working on specific types of tasks, and proactively strive to make sure you don’t get too overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. While this all takes a bit more effort than just showing up for the 9-5 office job, being mindful about how you can be most productive can help you make working from home work for you!

Stay Focused While Working from Home

Working from home can be great, but there are certain distractions that you just can’t avoid. Whether it’s the pile of laundry in the corner, your favorite show that’s calling your name, or even just the lure of the kitchen for a snack break, it can be tricky to stay productive in these non-traditional work environments. Learning to tune out all these tempting distractions takes practice and discipline. But hey, if all else fails, a little procrastination never hurt anyone!

One of the challenges of working from home is that it can be difficult to draw the line between a traditional workday and leisure time. Blurring the boundaries between work and leisure can lead to feeling overwhelmed, demotivated and overworked. To stay focused while working from home, it’s important to establish firm boundaries. Start your day with a plan that outlines what you need to do and when, then focus on having breaks in-between tasks whenever possible. Also, look into productivity tools that can help you become more efficient with your time. Online calendars, task management software and collaboration tools are all great tools for boosting focus, energy and motivation.


The Never-ending To-do List

Whether you’re a student hustling to finish an assignment every night or just looking to check everything off that grocery list before the weekend arrives, we all know the feeling of having a never-ending to-do list. It often feels like it’s piling up, getting bigger and bigger all at once, with no end in sight! But keeping that list in check can be key to counteracting stress, so there are few obstacles quite as important (and quite as tedious!) as conquering your tasks. Put on your favorite tunes and get ready to smash that list into tiny pieces one checklist item at a time – you’ve got this!

The Difficulty of Saying No to Work

Saying no to work? Only the truly brave, or foolish, souls attempt such a daring feat. The temptation to accept any and all task and assignments can be overwhelming; before you know it, your days stretch for hours longer than originally planned. But the key to avoiding burnout is knowing when enough is enough. Saying no means retaining an essential level of control over your life and practice, allowing yourself to focus on the tasks at hand without distraction. Plus, sometimes it feels good just to extend yourself a bit of grace when life gets crazy—by saying “no” you can ease off a bit without feeling guilty.

The constant need for self-discipline

Life in the 21st century often seems to require an almost superhuman capacity for self-discipline! With so many temptations competing for our attention—tasty snacks, scrolling through social media, impulse buying—it can be hard to keep focused and on task. To have any chance of making progress towards our goals, we must all make a point of actively developing our self-control. Sure, it’s not always easy or fun, but having the ability to resist temptation is a major part of escaping the endless cycle of procrastination and regret that so many of us find ourselves stuck in. As they say: fortune favors the disciplined!

Last Thought

While working from home can be an attractive prospect at first, it brings with it a host of challenges. Distractions, loneliness, endless to-do lists, lack of motivation and succumbing to pressure until it becomes too much— all these can be quite draining. As remote workers ourselves, we still had to learn the hard way how to overcome these hurdles. Today, even when the same problems sneak in through the back door, we’re better equipped to take on the challenge. One key lesson learned is finding the balance between productivity and relaxation within the time available. We practice saying no more often and find ways to stay motivated even if it’s from our own couch or kitchen table. In the end, each day is like a game we must beat by teaching ourselves valuable lessons about self-discipline and mental resilience. So what are your main challenges when working remotely? Please do share your thoughts!