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Hamidreza Shafiee: The CEO of Concentration

One of our earliest Ultra Attention users who has to concentrate on legal tasks such as business incorporation, tax, etc., he will also draw the investors’ focus on Ultra Attention and will help them concentrate on its benefits!

Seyed abolghasem Naghavi: Our Work-From-Home Business Developer

Thank God he rarely ever gets distracted as he is in charge of performing market research, creating customer’s persona, designing effective marketing strategies, and managing the sales process. You could say he is a business machine.

Ramtin Izadyseraj: AI and Machine Learning Product Developer

The big brains in our company, Ramtin (who we are almost sure is a fan of the movie “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”) determines product specification, designs the application’s interface, programs the product backend, and determines operational practicality with machine-like precision.

Samira Sadeghi: Researcher and Developer of Attention Spans extraordinaire

Specializing in what makes you tick, Samira, a true Jedi, is our specialist for research on the ways that the product can be improved. She designs the data gathering process and labels the raw data based on specific facial expressions of different customer groups (as a true Jedi respects all life in any form).

Ramtin Izadyseraj

AI and Machine Learning Product Developer

Samira Sadeghi

Researcher and Developer of Attention Spans extraordinaire

Hamidreza Shafiee

The CEO of Concentration

Seyed abolghasem Naghavi

Our Work-From-Home Business Developer

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