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We have developed an AI-based software system that uses machine learning to familiarize itself with your exact facial expressions and habits. Using three different methods, Ultra-Attention would detect signs of tiredness and distraction and alert you to either get back to work or would suggest mini-breaks that train your brain to concentrate and improve your overall attention span. The software would track your eye movements and would restrict any other software that you tell it to in order to keep you focused on work. Using Ultra-Attention would also provide you with a daily report on how productive your day has been. This would enable you to track your cognitive abilities’ progress as you continue to use the software.

PC Minimum Requirements :

Processor: Intel i7-11th generation / AMD Ryzen 4xxx or greater
Memory: 8 GB or greater
Operating System: Windows 10 / Ubuntu 18.04

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What Is "Deep Work"?

Every so often we all experience a state of deep concentration when working. However, the frequency of this occurring for the average person within a working day is, statistically speaking, becoming less and less with each passing day. The “deep work” state can be described as a state in which you become so engrossed in what you’re doing that you do not even notice the passing of time. Nevertheless, even when you are submerged in your work, a single notification or phone call is enough to distract you and make it rather difficult to go back to what you were originally doing. Getting distracted is a common problem among freelancers and those who work from home. While modern technology has made it possible for almost anyone to work from home, it has also made it impossibly easy to get distracted from the task at hand. All the colorful websites and advertisements are designed to grab the user’s attention and lure them into an endless cycle of going from one page to another. You could be googling a work-related question that has popped into your head and before you know it you seem to have clicked the day away. The problem is real and it can’t be wished out of existence with sheer willpower and putting your phone away. But fear not as we have come up with a user-friendly, once-in-a-lifetime solution to your problem that you don’t want to miss out on.

Concentrating Has Never Been Easier

Your ability to enter the flow state of mind would improve gradually with the use of Ultra-Attention. However, this process does not have to be hard, tedious, or boring. A tired mind can’t concentrate on a given task especially if the task needs an extra amount of attention and care to be done properly. Whether you are emotionally drained or just physically and mentally tired, Ultra-Attention has a solution for you. You can choose from its wide range of features when you need a break to work on improving your cognitive abilities and enhance your attention span through time or simply to lift your spirits and energize yourself. Ultra-Attention would also give you the option to have a power nap in case you seem to be too tired to continue with your work. Using our software is definitely a simpler way toward achieving your goals.

Alert System

Upon detecting fatigue or distraction Ultra Attention would send you a notification alerting you of its occurrence in order to raise your awareness and draw your attention back to the task at hand. The alerts would function as reminders to get back to work with amusing comments.


At this point, the question is more about what can’t meditation help with rather than why meditate! When Ultra Attention detects distraction and fatigue one of the options provided for the user is to meditate using our software. It is a proven fact that meditation can help with mindfulness and being present in the moment which is in itself a practice toward improving your attention span. Furthermore, meditation does wonders when stress is what’s keeping you from concentrating on work. Meditating will help you relax and feel in control of your life within a very short amount of time.


There have been studies that show certain games to be beneficial for your cognitive abilities. These games challenge you mentally by challenging different capabilities of your brain such as memory, responsiveness, and mental focus. It has been proven that games such as sudoku can be beneficial to one’s concentration and short-term memory. Plus, these games, while amusing, are not so engaging as to cause further distraction themselves. Ultra Attention would offer you similar games in order to both enhance your cognitive abilities related to concentration and provide you with enough entertainment to liven up your mood.

Short Stories

One of the most recent methods in psychology for those who suffer from a lack of concentration in their lives is making them read short stories. Remembering the details in these stories and the engagement they create is enough in itself to help you practice being in the moment. Furthermore, most of these stories are picked to be fun, entertaining, and mood-lifting as a way for you to relax in a short amount of time.

Short Videos

Another one of the options provided to you as a break is watching a short video. These videos would mostly help you by introducing different methods of enhancing your cognitive abilities or are motivational speeches that would lift your mood and energize you enough to continue with your tasks.


Lastly, Ultra Attention provides you with a calendar that you can fill with your deadlines and the necessary tasks you have to take care of. Filling this calendar would help our software know exactly what to remind you to get back to when you are distracted and you can keep track of all the projects that you have to do.