Tips on How to Focus with ADHD

If you have ADHD, focusing on tasks can be a real challenge. But don’t despair – we have some great tips to help you stay focused and boost your productivity. Whether it’s setting goals, breaking up large projects into smaller chunks, or using timers to break distractions, we’ll guide you through the entire process so […]

Five Ways to Beat Brain Fog

Brain fog, also known as mental fatigue, is a feeling of confusion, forgetfulness, or lack of mental clarity. I once forgot my phone number when a cashier at a store asked me. My mind went blank, and I could not think straight. It was not until I stepped outside and took a few deep breaths […]

8 Lifestyle Changes to Boost Focus and Concentration

Have you ever felt chronically unable to focus? You know you have things to do, but putting your concentration into the task at hand can feel like a huge challenge. If so, don’t worry – there are steps you can take to boost your ability to concentrate. In this blog post, we’ll explore lifestyle changes […]

4 Types of Inner Distraction and How to Eliminate Them


We’ve all been there – trying to focus on a task at hand but getting distracted by our own thoughts. Whether it’s worrying about an upcoming deadline, replaying a past conversation or making a mental to-do list, these inner distractions can impact our productivity and well-being. But what exactly are these inner distractions? And how […]

How to deal with procrastination and executive dysfunction

Procrastination is the act of delaying actions and decisions.  It often has adverse effects on people’s functions and can be a sign of executive function difficulties. In this article, we are to provide you with comprehensive information regarding procrastination and executive dysfunction. What is executive dysfunction? The cognitive inability to organize thoughts, make decisions, manage […]

How procrastination affects mental health


Procrastination is the act of putting off decisions and actions. It is sometimes associated with many dangers and adverse effects. Everyone has experienced procrastinating something in life, whether it’s letting the dishes pile up in the sink or waiting until the last moment to prepare for an exam. But is procrastinating a mental disorder? In […]

Concentration Games & Exercises to Improve Focus

Critical thinking

You may not realize it, but the power to concentrate in a constantly changing world is more complicated than it seems. The good news is that several concentration games can help you focus and stay on task. Over the decades, games have been proven to have profound effects on concentration. In this post, we will […]

All You Need to Know about Deep Work ⚡

work time

Most of us experience distractions all day long. Multitasking, communication, and technology have made it almost impossible to stay focused on a single task for a long period of time. In this post, we look into some of the most practical methods to avoid distractions and let you know how to fight them. Thus, this […]

The 7 biggest remote work challenges

distance working

If you work remotely, you probably know that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, there are some real challenges that come along with trying to be productive outside of a traditional office setting. Today we’re sharing the seven biggest challenges of working remotely – hopefully knowing you’re not alone will make them a […]

Are Technological Distractions Single-Handedly Keeping Concentration at Bay?

Many people, especially those who work from home, find it challenging to stay focused at work. While technology could be the culprit that constantly distracts us from doing our jobs, we shouldn’t be quick to dismiss other physiological and psychological factors that could be lessening our concentration capabilities.