Eye-Tracking as a Tool for Distraction Detection

As a remote worker or freelancer, it can be difficult to stay productive and distraction-free. Without the presence of colleagues or an office manager for accountability, you must have a system in place to ensure that you remain on task and avoid potential distractions. One technique you may consider adding to your productivity routine is […]


Neuroscientists have studied our brain in terms of its structure, chemistry, and function to further understand the role and workings of cognitive control in our daily life. Although many examinations were carried out on animals’ brains and a vast amount of psychological research has been conducted on the same subject, there are still some knowledge […]

Distraction as a 21st-Century Common Phenomenon Among People

Distractions are known as activities we engage in that interfere with pursuing a preset goal that is of importance. Nowadays, in the 21st century, many people believe that multitasking is a kind of skill that they need to develop. Multitasking or task-switching is defined as the ability to switch tasks which entails making a serious […]

Why Are You Distracting Yourself?

The internet, smartphones, and social media are three inventions that can easily distract you and keep you from doing the task at hand. It comes to a point where we find ourselves asking, “why do we deliberately become so engaged with using technologies?”. These technologies encourage multitasking as their model of usage, which would put […]