Although it might seem more desirable for many people to become freelancers or work from home there certainly are challenges that would make some think twice before going all-in on such an idea. The appeal of being your own boss, deciding when and where to work as well as the workload you take on is what drives most people into becoming freelancers. Furthermore, the difficulty of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, especially for those with children, would make it much more desirable to be able to work from home as it would completely eliminate the amount of time spent on commuting from home to work and vise versa, giving them more time to spend with their families or have some much needed extra time to let the steam off after a long day at work. However, as with everything, working from home has its own challenges. Many freelancers and remote workers have reported getting distracted as their number one problem with working at home.

We Feel You

The number one concern that we have come across concerning the decision to work from home permanently has been distractions. When truly considering the subject, it would seem that we have all come across some sort of statement like: “you’re more prone to getting distracted when you work from home”, or “I just feel like I can concentrate better at the office”. While this can be true for some people reports and studies have shown that the average person is actually more efficient and at ease when they are given the option to work from home. However, this efficiency can always be increased by taking simple measures that would enhance your capabilities. The ability to pay attention, like much else, can be improved and enhanced, and swearing under your breath and telling yourself to “concentrate” sometimes won’t just cut it. Finding yourself surfing through the net when you have a deadline on a project you’re supposed to finish by tomorrow morning can be extremely frustrating. You might feel at your wit’s end when you feel extremely tired and just don’t know how to manage your time in a way that lets you work better. Trust us we know!

Don’t Get Distracted Just Yet

With all the pop-up ads and applications that seem to be lying in wait for you to lose concentration and the fast-paced culture that has been brought about with the advancements in technology, it is natural for every human being to get sucked into the black hole that is the modern-day internet. However, almost all professions need to be able to use the internet to some extent, this is especially felt by those who rely on a computer to be able to do their job. Ever since the pandemic and the necessity to be able to socially distance yourself from other people, most of the major industries have either used the preexisting internet platforms or have created one to keep the employees safe, which has further emphasized the role of the internet on our everyday lives and the problem of the distractions it brings with itself. The bottom line is, your work doesn’t have to suffer from a lack of concentration. There is a better way for you to manage the time you spend working so you could finish more tasks within the same period of time. We know how to help you build up your concentration and enter into the flow state of mind and increase your overall attention span and we intend to help you however we can.